Secret Society of Whales Launch

Launched on August 15th, 2021, Secret Society of Whales is a member of the Class of Summer 2021 NFT Projects and the First Whale PFP Project to be Released on the Ethereum Blockchain. After Launch, the entirety of the 10k collection sold out in under 30 hours.


Immediately after launch, we created the #TogetherWeWhale Initiative, the goal being to uplift the NFT space by supporting other communities and artists as well as giving back to our community. We filled our community vault with 75 eth to utilize our mission and went to work.

The Ecosystem

The Secret Society of Whales Ecosystem involves multiple collections with different utilities.

OG Whales - the first collection and the keystone to the entire ecosystem. A whale is your membership into the secret society.

Security Orcas - Every whale needs protection and the orcas are here to protect.

Wealthy Whales - Comprised of 2 Gens, the Wealthy Whale serve as an access pass to create Community Vault Proposals.

Pixel Whales - our Byte enabled full body avatars meant to surf the web via metaverse.

Most Notable Moments

The Story of How we Gave away a bored Ape

One of the most Legendary Giveaways in NFT History...

Included in our roadmap was the infamous Bored Ape Giveaway. Here were the Rules - 5 OG Whales were to be drawn from the 10k at random. Only 1 of these whales would be picked to win the bored ape.

Unfortunately there was only one problem, the ape floor had fallen to nearly 13 eth from 20 eth. Would this be the highest the apes go? Would we have bought the peak? Determined to deliver the promise to our community, we took a leap of faith and purchased this ape at 14 eth...

Not even a week later, the Ape Floor had rose to 33 eth and never looked back, marking the greatest "Trade" our vault holds to this day. A winner was chosen and we were successfully able to deliver the ape to our community.

Now the Whale Vault is successfully able to say that we bought the Bored Ape Bottom.

$60,000 to Charity

As a collective, we were able to raise over $60k for our favorite charities, donated directly from the funds from our sales.

We sent $25k to Mental Health America - We believe that mental health is an extremely important yet undervalued aspect to overall health and happiness. It's important to take care of your mind as well as your body.

We also sent $30k to Save The Whales CA - While also being the theme of our project, Whales play a huge role in carbon sequestration, which locks away carbon that would have otherwise warmed the planet.

We were also able to donate $5k to the Toys for Tots Foundation and donate to different artists within the community as well.

Vault Giveaways

Giving Back to the Community was always the main priority...

Using our Vault, we swept the floors of multiple projects within the NFT space.

The most notable being Rumble Kongs, CryptoDads, Goons of Balatroon, Gambling Apes, Roo Troop, BPX Barefoot Parrots.

We then proceeded to give these away back into our community. If you owned an OG Whale, you had a chance to win.

Community Moments

Secret Society of Whales' main focus has always been Community.

Whether through Artist Collaborations, Community events and streams, Giveaways, Poker Tournaments, Bracket Challenges, Sweeps, We have always put our community first.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we have delivered value over and over again to our community and the NFT space at large and the impact that we have made will always be here to stay.

The Secret Society of Whales Brand is a Cornerstone of NFT History.

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